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End of the Semester Post:

My Blog:

I went to various places through the South Jersey area and made day trips out of them. I would explore each place as I traveled and I met some really interesting people along the way. I also tried to spend less than $10 each time and I succeeded.

Types of Stories I Covered:

The types of stories that I covered ranged from various fall events to local state parks. I also covered:

-Craft shows

-Harvest Festivals

-Veterans Day Socials

-Art Festivals

-and even a Pumpkin Festival

One Success:

My most successful post is the “13th Annual Festival of Fine Craft at Wheaton Arts” which is in Millville in Cumberland County. That post alone had 31 views. Also, my video post about the “Kingsway Regional High School Holiday Craft Show” has over 100 views so far.

One thing that didn’t turn out so well:

On post that didn’t turn out so well was my “A Day in AC” or Atlantic City post. I posted it early, on Tuesday October 23rd, because I was not going to be able to post anything that weekend. Well, as many of you know a hurricane came and forced people to evacuate Atlantic City that weekend, so nobody was looking for any fun day-trip ideas in AC.


In total for traffic to my site I had just under 500 hits. I had 44 views on my busiest day, November 11th. It was the day after I posted my audio interviews for a special Veterans Day thing that I covered at Schober Orchards. Also, on the day that Hurricane Sandy hit I put a bog post up with some pictures of where I was and the flooding and had 215 views in one day, mostly from people Google searching “Hurricane Sandy.”

What I learned about my subject:

I learned that there really are a lot of things to do in South Jersey, for less than $10. They are just really hard to find and make time to go to and review.

What I learned about journalism in the process:

I learned that journalism can be fun and is something that I could make a career out of. This is my first semester as a journalism minor and I am glad that I chose it.


I plan to continue this blog, maybe not as often with the updates, but if I go somewhere that is interesting I will definitely post it up here with some pictures and maybe some interviews. Thanks for reading and come back every once in a while.

The sign above the door to Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University. (Photo Credit / John Salvatore)

The sign above the door to Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University. (Photo Credit / John Salvatore)

Are you looking for something to do in South Jersey, maybe on a rainy day? Well I have found the place for you to check out. The Science Building at Rowan University in Glassboro NJ is home to Edelman Planetarium, a great place to go and enjoy a relaxing show.

Jean and Ric Edelman funded the planetarium before the Science Building opened in 2003. They are both Rowan University alumni and Ric is the CEO of a company that they created, Edelman Financial Services.

The Edelman Planetarium opened in 2004 using the traditional “starball” projection system. That system was replaced by a new digital system in 2011 called a Spitz SciDome HD; it was funded again by the Edelman’s.

I went to the planetarium this past Sunday and saw a show; it was called “Season of Light.” It was the last showing of the year for this particular and my first time seeing a show at the planetarium since I was in middle school.

From the planetarium’s website about “Season of Light”: “This popular star show will tell you where familiar holiday customs came from; why the winter sky is special; and what the mysterious Star of Bethlehem might have been. “Season” is narrated by Noah Adams (of NPR fame), with music by Geodesium. It’s a great way to warm up those cold weekend nights!”

Exterior of Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University. (Photo Credit / John Salvatore)

Exterior of Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University. (Photo Credit / John Salvatore)

Many thousands of students in classes from all of the South Jersey area and beyond have visited the planetarium since it opened its doors. The Edelman Planetarium is open to the public on Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m. Check for current show information.

Upon arrival at Rowan you can park just off of Route 322 in lot C (shown in the below map) and walk through the campus towards the Science Building; you will also see a sign that says Edelman Planetarium. Tickets for the show go on sale half an hour before show time. The cost is:

$5 for Adults

$3 for Children

$3 for Seniors

$3 for Rowan Students

A friendly person named Keith Johnson, Director at Edelman Planetarium, will be at the door to greet you as you enter the planetarium. He has been there for 8 years now and seems very passionate about his job.

“It’s a great job,” says Keith, “It’s the best job that I have ever had.”

Keith Johnson taking tickets as visitors enter Edelman Planetarium. (Photo Credit / John Salvatore)

Keith Johnson (right) taking tickets as visitors enter Edelman Planetarium. (Photo Credit / John Salvatore)

You then find a seat in the roughly 100-seat planetarium (I recommend sitting in the rear as it is a more pleasant viewing angle) and Keith dims the lights and begins by having a 20-minute lesson about the stars and how to identify the well-known constellations.

The show then begins and runs for about 30 minutes followed by a brief 4.8 minute bathroom break (Keith actually announces a “4.8 minute intermission”). Then the Holiday Laser Light Show began; which was really neat with popular holiday music playing and laser lights all over the dome.

I spoke to Keith regarding his favorite thing about working at the Edelman Planetarium:

“My favorite part about being at the planetarium is having the elementary school kids come and visit. It is one of their favorite field trips and it inspires them to consider science as a career.”

Inside Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University. (Photo Credit / John Salvatore)

Inside Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University. (Photo Credit / John Salvatore)

Coming up in 2013: “Oasis in Space,” which is a show about the search for water and life in our Solar System and beyond. They will be showing the original digital format. They may also be doing a show called “Passport to the Universe,” which is narrated by Tom Hanks and is an introduction to the whole universe.

If you find yourself having a free afternoon or evening and enjoy an affordable, informational and entertaining atmosphere, definitely make the trip to the Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University. You can visit their website for more information and for a show schedule. Happy Travels! See the walking map below for a brief description on parking and finding Edelman Planetarium.

South Jersey Winery Tour

Hey guys!

Today I decided to make an interactive map for those of “legal” age who are looking for a nice daytrip in South Jersey. Below you will find a map with vaious wineries pin-pointed from one side of the state to the other. Use the map for directions, contact information, and reviews of all of the wineries that I have chosen to add to the trip. Stop by one or stop by them all. As always, Happy Travels!


Looking for something to do?

Check out Down-Home South Jersey, another south jersey blog with some really good places to go and things to do this weekend.

Today, Nov. 10th, 2012, at Schober Orchard’s Veterans Day Special, Emma Boeckle had a table set up with a jar on it and she was collecting money to be able to send stockings to our troops. Below the photo of Emma you can hear my interview with this ambitious and newsworthy child.

Emma Boeckle, set up at Schober Orchard’s Veterans Special event today, Nov. 10th, 2012, raising money to send stockings to our troops. (Photo Credit / John Salvatore)

Today, Nov. 10th, 2012, I went to Schober Orchard’s Veterans Special event and found many Veterans there to pick up their free gallon of apple cider and basket of apples. I spoke with the owner of the orchard, John Hurff, to get his point-of-view about the farm and the event itself. Below the photo of John you can listen to the interview.

Owner of Schober Orchards in Monroeville, NJ, John Hurff. ( Photo Credit / John Salvatore)


Today is the last day for Schober Orchard’s Veterans Special. From 8a-5p they will be giving a free gallon of apple cider and free basket of apples to all Veterans who show up. Get out there, check it out, and say thank you to our Veterans!


Today, Nov. 3rd, 2012, Kingsway Regional High School in Gloucester County, New Jersey, held its 10th Annual Holiday Craft Show. I was there and made a video for you to see what it was all about:

Looking for somewhere to go today? Check out the craft show at Kingsway Regional High School in Gloucester County, NJ. I’ll be there!

A Day in AC

Looking for something to do this week or weekend? Why not take a trip to Atlantic City and check out what it has to offer. Here are a few affordable place that you can visit if you’re on a budget:

Welcome to Atlantic City sign on the Atlantic City Expressway. (Photo Courtesy / Jimmy Emerson)

1.) Feast for the Eyes: The Art of Food – This exhibition at Stockton College introduces food not merely as sustenance, but as cultural expression, a source of comfort, obsession, a symbol of prosperity and cause for celebration. Food has the ability to define us and who we are, tying us to our cultural roots and identity. (Cost: $5.00)

2.) Take a walk on the LONGEST BOARDWALK IN THE WORLD, the Atlantic City boardwalk. (Free)

3.) See the Duality 3D Light Show – An original 3-D sound and light show designed specifically to highlight the Boardwalk side of historic Boardwalk Hall and make it “come to life.” (Free)

4.) Do a few rides on the Steel Pier – In New York, there’s Coney Island. In Florida, there’s Disney World. In New Jersey, there’s Steel Pier – once again. (Cost: $1.00 per ticket)

5.) Learn at the Atlantic City Experience Museum – The Atlantic City Experience encompasses the best historical and cultural resources of Atlantic City. From diving horses to dancing girls, from the Boardwalk to the Northside, from casinos to churches, from Prohibition to the present, Atlantic City, New Jersey is a unique American city with a rich history. (Cost: Unknown)


There are many other things going on in Atlantic City, NJ throughout thie week as these are only just a few. Let me know by commenting on this post of anything that you may know of going on in AC this week. Happy Travels!

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